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Name: Jaami B (Jaamalaama)
Age: 53
Location: the D
Man/Woman/Ugly: All of the above
Bands You Like: the shins, the strokes, the jaamis, weezer
Colors You Like: blue. orange
Concerts Youve been too: the strokes, weezer, dashboard
Favorites Movies: garden state, dead poets society
Just Stuff You Like: jonny
Something That Made You Awesome: i can juggle and play guitar at the same time
Stuff You..HATE!: ... posers... i would say something else but i'm afraid i'll offend
Favorite Quote: "paris hilton and milk in the same half hour?" ~J. Dwarin
Words, Statements, Just Anything That Describes You: india, spaghettios
Promote or well pee on your chest (show the link)
At Least 3 Pictures Of You so we can call you tengo el cafe

yeah that's right, join the community beeotch
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