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Name: Jade Elizabeth
Age: 13
Location: Mississippi
Man/Woman/Ugly: Woman, Ugly
Bands You Like:Jimmy eat world Simple plan Blink 182 sum 41 Atryeu Slipknot Incubus Sonic Flodd Casting crowns Off spring Modest Mouse Finger 11 12 Stones 3 doors down alexisonfire Anti-flag atom ship as I lay dieing avenged sevenfold Bad religion Bowling For Soup Chevelle Cold Cradle of Filth Crossfade Disturbed Eagle Eye Cherry Eifle 65 Elever Clear Fall Out Boy Franz Ferdinand Green Day Gellie Man Guns and Roses Hawthorne Heights HIm ICP Korn Less Than Jake Lustra Lost Prophets Matchbox 20 Maroon 5 Mud Vayne Modest Mouse New Found Glory O zone Ozzy Osbourne Papa Roach Pearl Jam Puddle Of Mudd Rammestein Saliva Screaming Trees Seether Orgy Shine Down semisonic sister hazel seventh star Static X Story of the year Switch Foot All-Amercian Rejects The Killers Yellow Card The Used Taking Back Sunday Theory Of A Dead Man Three Days Grace Tool Underoath Ramones Relient K AudioSlave Nine Inch Nails Hot Hot Heat Dave Matthews Band Jet Gorillaz Azzeptance My Chemical Romance American Hi-Fi Weezer The F-Ups Go Go's Get Up Kids
Colors You Like: I like rainbows, red, black, and blue
Concerts Youve been too: I've been to three doors down, and a search for the next rockstar thing, unfortunatly, all the concerts ive bought tickets to i haven't been able to go to
Favorites Movies: Thirteen, Beautiful mind, painful secrets, Nepolian Dynamite
Just Stuff You Like: Music, movies, converse, vans, Black frammed glasses, Hot topic, eyeliner, books, Livejournal, Mall, dresses, nail polish, eneregy drinks, photography, editing things, film, cameras...
Something That Made You Awesome: Im just cool! lol, j/k I just think Im pretty cool, I mean sometimes I put myself down, mi not going to lie to ya there, but i think im rad.
Stuff You..HATE!: roaches, spiders, snakes, Other people wth sharp objects, people who brag about wanting to kill themselfs,... etc
Favorite Quote: Heck Yes!
Words, Statements, Just Anything That Describes You: unique, wanting to be perfect, myself!
Promote or well pee on your chest (show the link) _the_truth_is_
At Least 3 Pictures Of You so we can call you ugly


Recent^^ ( 3 daqys ago)

Me and my brother^^

This morning around 4, I was getting ready for school early ^^

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